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projektowanie osłonek spawów światłowodowych
Designing sleeve
Fiber optic fusion splice protector sleeves can make according to your requirements.


Series V24 - HARD

(stiff fusion)
  Code: V24-L-XX
Series V24

Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Protection Sleeves

Series V24 Fiber size: 250/900
Part No. L Lp D Dp d Stock
V24-20-XX 20 20 2,4 1 1,2 not available
V24-25-XX 25 21 2,4 1 1,2 not available
V24-30-XX 30 26 2,4 1 1,2 not available
V24-35-XX 35 31 2,4 1 1,2 not available
V24-40-XX 40 36 2,4 1 1,2 not available
V24-45-XX (popular) 45 41 2,4 1 1,2
V24-50-XX 50 46 2,4 1 1,2
V24-61-XX (popular) 61 57 2,4 1 1,2
V24-100-XX 100 96 2,4 1 1,2
Other size available on request. All dimensions in mm.
L - Length after recovery
Lp - Pin length
D - Outer diameter after recovery
Dp - Pin diameter
d - Hole diameter before recovery
XX - Color
- Stock
- Production
Available colors
00 = clear 
01 = black not available
02 = brown not available
03 = red not available
04 = orange not available
05 = yellow not available
06 = green not available
07 = blue not available
08 = purple not available
09 = grey not available
10 = white not available
11 = pink not available
12 = turquoise not available
Other color available on request.

Kolorowe termokurczliwe osłonki spawów światłowodowych     The colored fiber optic fusion splice protection sleeves are utilized when there is a need for a quick identification of fibers in optical fibers’ splice box. The possibility of marking same-color pigtails in pre-organized optical fibers’ distribution frames is another advantage which can significantly accelerate installation works in client’s company. Moreover, the colored fiber optic fusion splice protection sleeves fully safeguard splice optical fibers, protect them from mechanical damage, pollution and atmospheric conditions, not causing additional losses of optical power.
Product description
fiber optic fusion splice protection sleeves     V24 HARD series sleeves are applied in nearly all branches optic fibers engineering. They are used to secure connections in fiber optic splice closures as well as 19" rack fiber optical distribution panels, stand and wall box. Stiffness of connection and quickness of assembly are the main advantages of this solution. Excellent climatic and thermal properties make it ideal for use in closed as well as open spaces. The main goals during design phase were: full protection of the fiber optic splices, stiffness of connection and short assembly time. Initial shrinking of the shield was taken into account during the production process to reduce the gap between the shields. This protects the internal tube and Pin from falling out as well as facilitates entering the optical fiber to hole. The final product is checked to meet the requirements set by the GR-1380-CORE standard of Telcordia Technologies Inc and ZN-96TPSA-006 standard of Polish Telecommunications. The sleeves we produce offer full protections the fiber optic splices. They do not cause additional insert losses, and they offer protection against mechanical damage, pollution and weather conditions.

    V24 series is characterized by stiffness of fusion, relatively small external diameter (D=2.4mm after shrinking), reduced length (the shortest L=20mm), quickness of assembly (below 60s). The sleeve consists of a 1mm diameter PIN, a thin external tube and an internal tube with a 1.2mm hole. Such a solution enables using those sleeves to protect fibers with a 250um cover and a 900 um buffer. The internal tube is made from special material with good adhesion to many materials and low solubility in water. It changes its consistency to semi-liquid in growth temperatures. It enables to eliminate air bubbles through filling up the spaces between external tube, the Pin and fiber optic cable. The Pin that stiffens the splice is made from steel with heat extensibility indicator identical to that of optic fiber. This prevents from longitudinal stresses on the splice during heating process. Longitudinal stresses of the splice influence on growth a insert loss and a reflection loss. In extreme cases they may cause breaking the connection, which makes it necessary to repeat the splice procedure. External tube material guarantees sustainability and resistance to stretching and puncture. It offers optimal air permeability, high gloss and smooth surface. It fulfills the requirements of UL224 and MIL-I-23053 standards.

    The standard sleeves are made in clear color. Other color available on request.
Product properties
  • Outer diameter after recovery: ø 2,4 mm +/- 0,2mm
  • Hole diameter before recovery: ø 1,2 mm
  • Pin diameter: ø 1 mm
  • Minimum installation temperature: 110 °C
  • Max installation time: 60 seconds
  • Standard color: Clear
  • Compliant norms: UL224, MIL-I-23053, GR-1380-CORE, ZN-96 TPSA-006
  • RoHS compliant
  • Packing: 100pcs packed to one zip-bag (other packing method available on request)
How to order:
V24-45-00(100) - 100pcs packed to one zip-bag (Standard packing)
V24-45-00(50) - 50pcs packed to one zip-bag
Other packing method available on request. Packing fiber optic fision splice sleeves

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